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I’ve always found connecting with other people one of the most meaningful things in life. Perhaps because I was always ‘the new kid’ - I went to ten different schools on three continents. I currently live in my homeland of the UK, but I’ve been in Canada for 30 years (my accent is often confused about where it belongs).


I used to have a glamourous looking life as a wardrobe and interior stylist in Toronto for over 20 years. Hobnobbing with celebs and shooting in some amazing locations made for some good stories. I also got to appear in some glossy magazines and do lots of TV appearances as a style expert – that was my favourite thing to do, mostly because I loved having someone else do my hair (I have zero hair skills).


I gave up my career and my Toronto home in the lockdown of 2020, moved across the Atlantic and wrote the book, ‘How to Wear a Silver Lining’. My greatest joy would be to hear that my story has given hope to someone or encouraged them to see that “life is happening for us not to us”.


Random things about me – I have a slight obsession with colourful sneakers and the design of strollers (pushchairs). I have a mild yet occasionally mortifying case of facial blindness (please don’t be offended if we’ve met before and I don’t recognise you). I love my travel coffee mug more than I should, I bought it in Vienna, and it is perfect in every way. I never thought I’d own a small dog, but he is not yappy and is pure love. I will always opt for an elastic waistband (you don’t know what you’re missing). I do a very convincing Irish and Welsh accent. I’m highly sensitive (which doesn’t mean snowflake). I still hate being in sports day but love my gym. I can geek out on psychology topics for days. I don’t believe in coincidences or karma, and will gleefully walk under a ladder just to prove I’m not superstitious. I believe in the power of thought and that love truly does conquer all (it’s getting to that place of love that’s the hard part).


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